Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waking up middle of night at 2.30

Last night I get up 2.30 as I need to go toilet. I know that is time to go toilet because I cannot hold it any more. I have a huge project in the toilet and glad it is over. I am feeling real thirsty as this morning I had SIY and not taking much water.

At the moment it is 4.33pm and I am still updating my blogs. I am real busy and I am sure someone else is busy too but everyone just having a busy life!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Zoombie feeling hungry

Last night I was feeling hungry and I did not go down to get anything to eat. I am not sure for tonight but I will make sure that I eat full before going to bed.

I am still taking supper even though I taken the SIY. So I am tired and not so happy today. My mood is very bad due to a contest that I won which I am not getting what I am supposed to have.

I am real mad!

I am sure if you have taken part in contest, you will expect to get your prize in full. As for me I won the contest which I taken part and I put in effort to win it. I am sad to see that I am not getting what's I supposed to win.


try installatron. again for further questions or usage refer to cpanel.com or google usage for cpanel. i am sorry but i cant promise to keep answering all your question as this is not a part of my prize. i am really busy as well.

How will you feel if you are reading above?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jumeau Bags Giveaway

It is time for me to take part in giveaway, Jumeau Bags Giveaway is the one I am taking part now.

Jumeau have generously offered to give one Winner a $75 Gift Certificate to their online store.

Giveaway ends on 14 May, 2009. To take part just click on the link above!