Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Computer games

I am sure most friends that I know love computer games but not everyone love it. I mean you can have all the time you like to play it but it is not suitable for everyone.

Do you know that it is scary to find out that kids love hang out at the computer more than with the family.

Anyway I am not happy to see kids playing with just computer.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eye Cream

This is an eye cream product which I purchase for the first time. It is not for me but my friend May. I hope she will feedback me on this product.

She asked me to help to redeem the eye cream but it is already expired when I get to the counter. Anyway I just snap the picture of the eye cream that's all. The smell is like Olay product.

I will need to explain to her on how to use this as she is not good in Malay or English language.

It is to be apply morning and night after using the cleanser and toner then moisturiser.

If you have tried this product, I hope you can leave a comment on whether you like it or not. :)