Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank you Janice

I cannot believe what Janice got me, wholesome of goodies.

I love them all, still taking my time to digest them.

Dear I have something for you too but still making them. LOL I have got two hands so you need to be patient with me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moto Jewelry that I bought

I have got it and I love it! Thank you dear Sarah the sweets are delicious!

You can always visit Moto Jewelry to see more!


- Swarovski pendant, 18mm
- Mix of Swarovski and glass beads
- Length: 6.75in

Price: $28

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I can't believe I make her walk! LOL

Sometimes this person always irritates me, I do not get angry but when this person will be talking bad about my sister and family member I will be feeling the heat. This morning we were out and she need to bring a long a mask to a friend. So I told her to walk, it is not far away, going there and coming back by foot will only takes 10 minutes. There is no traffic jam in the area!

I can't believe I did it and she really does the walk, unless she wants me to drive her there. I am tired of being her driver and she is following me everywhere and even following what I love to do. Everyone has got to have a hobby but this person just copies everything that I love.

The walk will give her a good exercise, she seldom exercise and this will be good for her!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Having dark eye bags?

I can say that I am not getting enough sleep lately. Even though I want to nap but my minds just keep thinking. I am not sure why I am only able to see at night. The weather here is extremely hot lucky today there is some rain in the afternoon.

I am trying to earn some money online and I know I cannot rely on contest alone. I am not always winning and I know that Adgitize is away helping me to earn now. Earning is not much but it is way better than Google adsense for me.

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My entry for MakeupJUNKEE

I am feeling sleepy and I am going to tell you that this is my entry for MakeupJUNKEE.

I sure hope you can see the colors of my eyeshadows, purple, white, green, and pink! I used the based color which is green then only I put on the color of white above the eyelashes lid, then pink. Below my eyes are purple eyeshadow.




Items for this looked.

150+ Subscriber Contest


1) Contest ends August 9th at 6:00 pm California time.
2) There has to be at least 5 entry for me to do this contest.
3) Must be a follower to join. If your not a follower just "click" follow and your good to go.
4) Re-post this on your page with a link.
5) Must post up three pictures of the look and one picture of the items use to achieve look on your blog.
6) Email me at to let me know what the link to your contest entry is.
7) This contest will have two winners. A first place and second place.

What you have to do for the contest:

For my contest, you have to create a look (eyes) using only these colors: Green, Pink, White, and Purple

Everything else is up to you (blush, lipstick, etc.)
They can be any shades (ex: darker or lighter green) and you don't have to use all the colors, but you have to use at least two of the colors listed.

Prize: First Place

1) Cosmetic bag
2) Red Cherry lashes
3) BonBons sparkle shadow dust
4) Loreal Hip high intensity pigments in 108
5) Loreal Hip high intensity pigments in 214
6) Stila liquid lip color in Brilliance
7) Almay intense I- color in greens
8) Rimmel London mascara in Black
9) Style heart necklace
10) Profound eyeshadow quad
11) Beauty Treats blush
12) Sinful Colors nail polish in Bali Mist
13) Sinful Colors nail polish in San Francisco
14) Sinful Colors nail polish in Cream Pink
15) Sinful Colors nail polish in Fiji
16) NYX lipstick in Peach
17) Icing flower hair clip

Prize: Second Place

1) Profound eyeshadow quad
2) onBons sparkle shadow dust
3) Claire's pink bow clips
4) Icing shimmering bronzer
5) Red Cherry lashes
6) NYX lipstick in Femme
7) Loreal Hip high intensity pigments in 528
8) Loreal Hip high intensity pigments in 524
9) Loreal cream shadow paintin Secretive
10) Stila lip glaze in Praline
11) Victoria's Secret lip gloss in Hot Cocoanut
12) Style necklace
13) Too Faced eye shadow duo in Totally Toasted
14) Revlon Color Stay in Sheer Coral

How is the winner chosen:

So since my wonderful husband loves to read what I write on here, he will be helping me choose a winner. So will my sister in law Jessica. The three of us will come to a conclusion and choose the best look.