Monday, November 14, 2011

Mommy Zombie

Yeah I have been waking up middle of night to care and feed my baby. He is five month old now and he is active boy that wants to cuddle and sleep. Sometimes he wants to sit down or stand seeing the light.

I pumped milk every 3 hour to feed him, but some nights I am feeding him fomula milk as I want to rest more. I need to purchase fomula milk later as I have 4 more fomula milk feed for him that's it. This Saturday baby needs to see doctor for injection. I don't know if she is gonna give free fomula milk like last visit.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Laura Mercier

I have not been updating my blog because I am busy, I won Laura Mercier product for the first time. You are looking at them, they are two products. My friend won a makeover last year but not manage to attend and it was sad if she went she could bring back RM100 worth of Laura Mercier product.

I won this product from Magazine contest, this month March I have not purchase any magazine to take part in contest.

My dear won Bio-Essence skin care product, lucky the collection office is the same as my prize so I decided to collect on his behalf.